Deck Cleaning Seattle

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Sodium carbonate also known as oxygen bleach is an organic cleaner that is the best wood cleaner out there used at approximately 8 oz/gallon in warm water, this is the chemical you would want to use for your deck cleaning needs in Seattle. It’s the chemical we at recommend and use ourselves. If you decide not to hire a professional this spring, use this product for the safest chemical on the market for your deck cleaning needs.

Here in the video Bob the builder shows you why its the best, and why you should never use a powerwasher on roofs or anything made of wood! Soft Washing is the only way to go……more on that later! 

One thought on “Deck Cleaning Seattle

  1. This is a great way to clean a deck, we always use this method. Sodium Carbonate fizzles up nd attacks dirt. using pressure washing too hard or at too high a PSI leaves wood scaring , Im glad someone posted this !

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