Seattle Roofs Need Cleaning

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Seattle roofs need cleaning for the simple fact that our atmosphere dictates it. Moss grows in moist conditions where sunlight is indirect or infrequent. On average Seattle roofs need cleaning 2x a year. PWNG has developed and worked with a chemical mix that delivers a fatal blow to moss on asphalt shingles  that lasts double the amount of most of our competitors.

Take a look around you and you will see that Seattle roofs need cleaning. On a recent day on one of my rare days off I looked over a hill and saw a sea of green roofs, overlooking Lake Washington.

Left unchecked, these roofs will need replacement, in a very short amount of time. The cost for these replacements might be a good thing for our economy since Seattle replaces more roofs per year then just about every big city, but if I had the choice Id rather spend my money on something I want rather than on something I was forced to buy!

Make no mistake the cost of a seattle roof that needs cleaning is far less then a seattle roof that needs replacement. About 15k dollars less on average!


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