Roof Cleaning Bellevue

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Roof Cleaning in Bellevue, Washington

Bellevue has some of the steepest and highest roofs in the area. Roof Cleaning in Bellevue are practiced in an  similar manner to any other roof cleaning in our area , however due to the steepness of the roof slopes, certain safety precautions need to take place. These precautions are:

  • Safety Monitors: One man is constantly looking out for his partner from the ground, while another performs the actual work.
  • Safety Straps in multiple locations: based on our experience  a home in Bellevue requires 3 straps or more. This can drive up the cost on a roof cleaning in Bellevue, by up to $150 dollars as compared to other areas.
  • The volume of cedar roofs is much higher. A big percent of our jobs in the area are cedar shake cleanings. Cedar shake cleanings require safety precautions not found on asphalt shingles.

The residents of Bellevue and the eastside take great care of their homes and are savvy when it comes to making decisions on the right contractors to hire. Based on our professionalism and track record for completing jobs on time and on budget we have received an enormous amount of referrals from the area.  We hope to continue to be able to serve the residents of bellevue and look forward to many more years of visting this great city and its wonderful residents.


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