Cost to Clean a Cedar Roof in Seattle

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Cedar Roof Cleaning Cost in Seattle

The cost for a cedar roof cleaning in Seattle for a :  3000 square foot , 2 story, medium roof pitch home, averages between 800-1300 dollars. There are many expenses to cleaning a cedar roof:

  •  Labor
  • Gas for Power washer: 75-85 dollars worth for a 3000 square foot home.
  • Insurance costs
  • Chemicals [oxygen bleach and a revitalizer]

The cost for a cedar roof cleaning quickly adds up for the company performing the task. Cedar roof cleanings require meticulous attention to detail. Every square inch is cleaned for the product to turn out right. The job is very labor intensive and requires a set of skilled eyes and hands.

Cedar roofs are like ice when there is moisture and moss growing on them. A good tool to have is a pair of Korkers©. These shoes with spikes are essential to a cedar roof cleaner in Seattle. The spikes allow the wearer to grab a footing while cleaning the shakes. They do not replace other safety measures such as:

  • Lanyard
  •  Chicken ladders
  • Harness
  •  Rope

There is a lot to pressure washing a cedar roof and the right equipment and experience are necessary when deciding to tackle on the task. Many roof cleaners in Seattle won’t even touch a cedar roof as the liability for something going wrong is too high. Slips-Falls and improper use of a power washer can have serious consequences for the roof cleaner and the roofing substrate.

If you are considering hiring someone to clean your cedar roof always make sure the company’s licensed, bonded and insured. Make sure to ask for references. Cedar roof cleaning is a task that requires many years to master and some of the best roof cleaners won’t try their hands at it.

We provide cedar roof cleaning and oiling to the following cities:

Alderwood- Ames Lake- Arlington -Auburn- Ballard- Bellevue-Belltown-Bothell-Bridle Trails-Brier-Burien-Covington Crossroads -Des Moines-Edgewood-Edmonds-Everett-Evergreen-Fall City-Federal Way-Ferndale-Granite Falls-Hunts Point-Issaquah-Issaquah Highlands-Juanita-Kenmore-Kent-Kingsgate-Kirkland-La Conner-Lake City-Lake Forest Park-Lake Goodwin-Lake Stevens-Lynnwood Madison Park-Magnolia-Maltby-Maple Valley-Marysville-Medina-Mercer Island-Mill Creek-Monroe-Mountlake Terrace-Mukilteo Newcastle-North Bend-Overlake-Parkland-Puyallup-Rainier Valley-Redmond-Renton-Rose Hill-Sammamish-Sand Point-SeaTac Seattle-Sedro-Woolley-Shoreline-Smokey Point-Snohomish-Snoqualmie-Spanaway-Stanwood-Tacoma-Totem Lake-Tukwila -University Place-White Center-Woodinville-Yarrow Point

Tile Roof Cleaning in Seattle

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Tile roof cleaning in Seattle as practiced by PWNG a roof cleaning company located in seattle  is accomplished using the softwash roof cleaning method. The chemical blend for softwashing works extremely well on tile roofs. The chemicals used for tile roof wash each have a certain function:

  • TSP: used to remove rust like stains and dark streaks from tile roofs.
  • Surfactants: used to stop the free flow of the chemical wash. Without surfactants the mixture would rapidly flow down to your gutter and not allow the mix enough time to work.
  • 12.5% Sodium Hypochlorite: This high concentrated bleach is mixed down to 4-6% of its original strength. The Sodium Hypochlorite kills moss, removes stains and brightens tile roofs.

Tile roof cleaning in Seattle are accomplished in many ways but we believe our method is superior for the following reasons:

  1. Our mixtures work fast. We don’t spend hours and hours blowing-scraping and pressure washing roofs. Being less  labor intensive allows us to pass the savings on to our customers. On average we charge 20% less than our competitors.
  2. The chemical mix is designed for tile roofs. This chemical mix is used with great results all thru the Southeastern region of the United States. Tile Roofs are common in the Southeastern region.
  3. Our mix is safer than pressure washing. Pressure washing can do detrimental damage to a roof. Tile roofs are no different. If the spray of water is shot upwards into the tiles lap, water damage is sure to happen.

When cleaning tile roofs, safety is a paramount concern. Tile roofs are extremely slippery when wet. Without proper training serious injuries can happen. PWNG is always safety conscious and we come  ready to reach the steepest peaks. Some safety devices we commonly use on tile roofs are:

  • Ladder Hooks
  • Lanyards
  • Engineered rope
  • Safety Harness
  • Corkers
  • Safety Straps

The amount of dangers when cleaning tile roofs in Seattle can not be overstated. This is a job a homeowner should not try to do, without proper training. We spend over a 100 hours a year training . Tile roofs present us with the biggest challenge and are the trickiest to clean. If you are considering hiring a tile roof cleaner in Seattle, we would love to answer any questions you may have. We can be reached at 425-501-3745.

Window Cleaning Seattle

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Why You Should Consider Hiring a Window Cleaning Company

Your grimy and dirty windows are a serious drain to your homes morale. You may consider doing the job yourself if you possessive the right equipment. If you don’t, the question in your mind is who to hire and what price should you pay. Pristine Window and Gutter Services, a window cleaning company in Seattle, Washington offers extremely competitive pricing on its window cleaning services.

Number of Windows


Up to 35


Up to 60


Up to 90



PWNG has [3] window cleaning professionals with over 30 years of combined experience. There is a method to any project you undertake. Owning the right tools of the trade is the most important first step when taking on any household task. The standard tools of a window cleaner consist of:

  • [5] Standard sized ladders: 6’, 8’, 24’, 28’ and 32’ feet.
  •  A window cleaner’s belt:  A specially designed tool belt capable of holding squeegee and wet mops while working at dangerous heights in excess of 20 feet off the ground.
  • Leg Levers: these fit on your standard ladders and allow quick leveling on uneven surfaces. A serious safety concern for window cleaning professionals,  is uneven landscapes where a ladder can tip over.
  • Surgical towels: These are the best towels for window cleaning.
  • Glass Gleam 4: a window cleaning chemical that leaves windows streak free.

The decision on whether you would like to invest upwards of $2000 dollars on the right equipment, for window cleaning in Seattle, is your choice.  There are serious safety concerns in not owning the right equipment for any job. When dealing with heights, safety is a paramount concern to think about. Not having the right equipment is frustrating and a serious hazard. Whether you decide to do-it-yourself or your thinking about hiring a pro, proper training and equipment is the very first step when dealing with heights.



Soft Wash Roof Cleaning Seattle

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Chemical Roof Cleaning

Soft-washing involves the use of chemicals to clean roofs. This method is employed to lessen the amount of damage caused by power-washing. Power-washing on average removes 3-4 layers of granules per cleaning . A roof is known by its years of life:

  •  A 20 year roof has 20 layers of granules.
  •  A 50 year roof has 50 layers of granules.

The soft-wash method when used properly is far more beneficial to roofing substrate then power-washing. No granule loss happens when chemicals are sprayed on your  roofing. Additional benefits include:

  • The elimination of all moss spores that cause moss to grow in the first place.
  • A much longer lasting finished product; on average the process lasts 2-3 years

ARMA [Asphalt Roof Manufacturers Association] recommends soft-wash cleaning for proper roof maintenance. ARMA is the association that governs the making of asphalt shingle roofing. They are the leaders in the industry in the production and proper cleaning methods of roofing materials.

The difference in the finished look of the product : power-washing versus chemical cleaning is nearly indistinguishable, when the proper chemicals are used. A soft wash roof cleaning company generally use a few standard chemical products:

  • TSP [trisodium phosphate]. Known for its ability to remove algae and rust stains
  • Sodium Hydrochloride 10% or higher: known for its ability to kill moss and clean shingle.
  • Borax Lo: A soap like product known to aggressively kill weeds, spores and moss residual.
  • Isopropyl Alcohol: used when aggressive moss has been growing for long periods of time.
  • Surfactant:  used to slow the mixtures path down to the gutter line.

When mixed properly these chemicals generate a long lasting safe products to roofing material. These chemicals are not readily available to the average consumer and the mixtures of this chemical call for exact amounts for a strong enough product. The procedure of soft wash roof cleaning in Seattle is best left to a professional roof cleaning company.