roof cleaning Seattle

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Some interesting facts about Seattle:

  • The Seattle metropolitan area is home to over 3.4 million residents and is the 15th largest metro area in America.
  • Seattle has the 3rd largest port in America.
  • Seattle is the most diverse city in America; there are no urban conclaves here! Everyone lives next to everyone!
  • It rains in Seattle over 150 days a year.

Seattle Roof Cleaners call King County home. We have cleaned over 300 roofs in the area to date. Queen Anne and Capitol Hill are some of our favorite neighborhoods to work in. If you are seeking a roof cleaner in Seattle, choose someone local. Of our 6 staff members 5 live in the greater Seattle area. We are a local based company who is going nowhere soon! Our roots are firmly established in this great city and we wouldn’t trade all the sun in the world for one day of rain in Seattle.

What would we do without Starbucks?

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